Revolt Of The Apes

Honoured, and psyched to be covered in a favourite, and authentically psychedelic blog, Revolt Of The Apes. I’m not sure if you should read this interview, though… You might then know too much, and be added to a CIA list or the like…

Revolt of the Apes

Rightly or wrongly, we often try to frame the artistic aspirations of all those bands, all those musicians who make all that great music that has enhanced our lives throughout the years, within the generally non-artistic terms of a “mission statement.”

Rarely do bands make it as easy to deduce such a mission statement as do Canada’s lightsweetcrude – a band that actually has a mission statement. To wit:

“This collection of music exists to celebrate the Raga – that most ancient, most perfect set of instructions and specifications with regard to musical mood, movement, and pitch … and to fuse it with Western sounds, forms and vibes. Raga-fusion. The word Raga comes from the Sanskrit word for colour, rang, and we are often asked to imagine the Raga as being a sonic means to colour the imagination or mood, or both. Every Raga has its own shade, its own…

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