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Garden City Colours // “ThatWas”

In The Soil definitely provided an exciting opportunity for this installation, situating us in the “hub”, or ‘meeting place’ for the Rhizomes component of the festival. This feature is a set of organized tours of a special collection of installations set up in a particular location, which took place this year in the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine & Performing Arts on the campus of Brock U. We were located in the building’s theatre space, and Michael Kaler’s bass signal, and the output of my laptop and Kaoss Pads were fed into the PA, allowing this installation to provide a complete environment (though the visuals were limited to a single screen). Deanna Jones‘ tour announcements added an extra sonic element to the drone + bass enveloping the space. There were two hive sessions that each lasted 2 hours: one in the afternoon, and another that  ran from 10pm to 12am.

The St. Catharines Standard seemed to dig it:

This was one of the quieter moments in the Rhizomes “Hive”:





2015 Light Highs


Studio Capture – “Liquid Skyporn” – 9-21-2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.15.49 AM

Drone Day @ The Tranzac Club, Toronto – 5-9-2015


Velvet Underground, Toronto – 5-22-2015

ThatWas - Spoke Club

ThatWas @ The Spoke Club, Toronto – Scotiabank Nuit Blanche – 10-3-2015


‘Guerrilla’ Liquids, Toronto 11-13-2015


ThatWas @ The Dart Gallery – Nocturne Halifax – 10-17-2015


Nuit Blanche North, Huntsville, Ontario. 7-11-2015


Nuit Blanche North, Huntsville, Ontario. 7-11-2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 11.59.26 AM

“NightSuite” @ In The Soil Arts Festival, St. Catherines, Ontario. 4-24-2015


ThatWas @ The Spoke Club via BlogTO + @ilenesova1975 10-3-2015



NightSuite Our sonic, raga-based explorations, and our visual experiments with projected liquid colour promise to truly come together for the first time with NightSuite, an installation created specifically for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.

Some snaps:

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~*~ listen to the colour ~*~


Happy 2014!

Happy New Year! Nothing like a new calendar year to force you to complete last year’s “to do list”, and posting this footage from the Summer was on there….definitely a favourite 2013 moment.

Guerilla Nuit Blanche Colours

Walnut Avenue, Toronto 10-5-2013

Walnut Avenue, Nuit Blanche 2013, Toronto

Outdoor projections are risky, but also special, and have a special type of reward, and tonight’s was the unknowing participation of apartment residents across from 198 Walnut Avenue, the one floor building housing artists and designers holding the Bellwoods Block Party I was invited to project at. There was nary a complaint, but occupants of the suites  belonging to the windows I made part of my “bubbleverse” often looked out onto the party, certainly aware not only from my light, but likely primarily the loud music. Their movements became part of the projection, and this aspect was most novel to me. The windows were like these white rectangles of white light, which occasionally had this kinetic thing going on when people randomly occupied them.

Walnut Avenue, Nuit Blanche 2013, Toronto

Walnut Avenue, Nuit Blanche 2013, Toronto


On the wall at lightsweetcrude HQ….

On the wall at lightsweetcrude HQ....



lightsweetcrude @ The Tranzac Club, Toronto – 8/16/2013


More Popular Than Jesus….Is Just Alright.

Fort York – Toronto Art Spin, June 2013

Picture 62

Getting set up @ Fort York for Art Spin Toronto 6/27/2013

This one is going up a little late, but a great multi-sensory collab  went down at Toronto Art Spin last week, which evolved from that “Sound & Light” residency last Spring at Somewhere There . Guitarist Arnd Jurgensen, whom Michael Kaler had recruited to be part of a few ‘random’ ensembles, was this time in  position to do some recruiting, and did just that, putting together an ensemble that included Kaler, saxophonist Paul Newman, and drummer Ambrose Pottie. I held the projection chair, and our spontaneous performance at Fort York was one of several stops on the bike trail for this edition of Art Spin.

Avant-garde Music and video art at the Fort York! #artspin #bike #ride #art #music #toronto #camerabag2

#artspin improvisational musical and projection performance at #fortyork

Improv music with visual projections at Fort York #artspin #toronto #psychedelic #livemusic

Picture 63

An outdoor projection at the ArtSpin afterparty… Walnut Studios, Toronto